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Aero-Graphics is a privately owned geospatial services company located in custom-designed facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah. Incorporated in 1965, Aero-Graphics has established a nationwide reputation for providing high-quality aerial mapping services on schedule at competitive prices. Aero-Graphics makes a concerted effort to remain at the forefront of mapping technology to provide clients with services that most appropriately meet their needs.

Aero-Graphics owns and operates a full-time aerial acquisition service allowing for complete control of its flight schedule. Professional Land Surveyors, ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists, and Certified GIS Professionals are on staff to ensure adherence to the highest quality mapping and accuracy standards. The latest digital systems are used to produce classified LiDAR datasets, digital topographic maps, and orthorectified imagery for clients across many different industries, including Transportation, Resource Management, GIS, Civil Engineering, Mining, Utilities, Forestry, and more.

Aero-Graphics’ aircraft and sensor array is impressive. With four fixed-wing platforms (Cessna T310R, Piper Aztec, and two (2) Cessna Turbo 206s) and strategic local access to four Bell helicopters, we stand ready to quickly mobilize to our clients’ project sites.

Our Optech Orion LiDAR sensor is the most advanced in the industry. With its 300kHz repetition rate, 5cm RMSE accuracy, and thorough vegetation penetration, it lends itself to many varied applications, from high altitudes over great expanses for wide-area collection to helicopter-based projects for power line rating analysis.

Aero-Graphics deployed Microsoft’s UltraCamX digital camera system in 2008 and upgraded to the UltraCam Eagle in 2013. The Eagle, with sharp image quality, simultaneous 4-band collection, high spatial resolution, and the largest footprint available on any digital camera system, has already successfully completed projects large and small for our clients.

The Aero-Graphics Project Management Team offers over 45 years of combined experience and takes a methodical, deliberate approach to managing complex projects that includes risk mitigation, quality assurance and control, and organized scheduling. Our project managers work closely with our clients and internal survey, flight, and processing managers throughout the project to ensure that all intermediate and final goals are met.

Please contact us at sales@aero-graphics.com or 801.487.3273 to discuss how Aero-Graphics can meet the needs of your project.

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