Coronado National Forest, Arizona

In 2011, Aero-Graphics was awarded a Resource Project contract to acquire and orthorectify 16-bit, 4-band imagery covering 13 separate areas within five different Ranger Districts over nearly 2,900 square miles in Southern Arizona. This effort was to support analysis of recent fire damage, bark beetle infestation, and other change detection and resource management functions on National Forest land. In the face of numerous wildfires and the typical summer monsoon season, Aero-Graphics successfully acquired the imagery according to ground and atmospheric condition requirements using its UltraCamX digital sensor. Internal processes and quality control measures were established to ensure adherence to all tagging, stereo block file, and metadata specifications for the 25 cm raw georeferenced imagery and orthos, which were controlled entirely by GPS/IMU and well within accuracy tolerances.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Digital 4-band, 16-bit aerial photography.
  • Radiometrically-uncorrected and corrected, georeferenced digital image files for each exposure.
  • ABGPS/IMU post-processing to support aerotriangulation of imagery.
  • LPS-compatible stereo block files.
  • 4-band, 8-bit DOQQQ- and DOQ-tiled orthorectified imagery in GeoTIFF and IMG formats. Included all pyramid files. GeoTIFF files were custom tagged.
  • FGDC-compliant metadata based on customized templates, including image currency (majority date), file size, and other tile-specific attributes.

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