San Bernardino County, California

In 2011, Aero-Graphics was awarded a contract to perform orthoimagery updates over 5,350 square miles of San Bernardino County, including vast expanses of challenging urban areas in the southern reaches, to support GIS, planning, and resource management efforts throughout the county.

Aero-Graphics acquired the imagery with its UltraCamX digital sensor and created the orthorectification surface, carefully correcting it for bridges, buildings, cliff smear, and other necessary features. The County exercised second- and third-year options and hired Aero-Graphics to perform the 2012 and 2013 flyovers, consisting of roughly 5,000 square miles each year.

Scope of Work included:

  • Target placement and GPS surveying.
  • Digital 4-band aerial photography acquisition.
  • RGB orthorectified imagery in tagged GeoTIFF, ECW, and MrSID formats at a 1’ pixel resolution, delivered in California State Plane Zone 5.
  • FGDC-compliant metadata for each ortho tile.

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