US-35 West Virginia

Recently, Aero-Graphics performed ground control survey and targeting, LiDAR acquisition, and data classification for a 15-mile transportation study corridor in West Virginia, just north of Charleston. LiDAR, and specifically Aero-Graphics’ Optech Orion LiDAR sensor, was the chosen technology because of its superior vegetation penetration capabilities. The transportation agency needed to accurately determine cut/fill quantities beneath heavy Appalachian canopy in the middle of summer leaf-on conditions for a prospective roadway, and the Orion was up to the task, acquiring 3.9 sub-canopy points per square meter with an RMSE of 5cm.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Contrast-enhancing LiDAR target placement and GPS surveying.
  • LiDAR point cloud acquisition using an Optech Orion M200 sensor.
  • Classified and bare-earth laser returns in LAS format.
  • Post-deliverable report including methodology, accuracy, and results.

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