Malheur National Forest, Oregon

The US Forest Service hired Aero-Graphics to provide high-resolution digital elevation data developed from LiDAR over a 323 square mile area of the Malheur National Forest in eastern Oregon. This data was to support bark beetle infestation area identification, biomass calculations, and other forestry applications.

The Orion sensor collected a USGS Quality 1 standard of eight (8) points per square meter, yielding a 5 cm RMSE accuracy and a bare-earth (under canopy) density of 2.8 points per square meter.


Scope of Work included:

  • Contrast-enhancing LiDAR target placement and GPS surveying.
  • LiDAR point cloud acquisition using an Optech Orion M200 sensor.
  • Classified and bare-earth laser returns in LAS format; aircraft trajectories in ASCII format.
  • First-return and ground-surface 1-meter DEMs in ESRI Raster Grid format; 1-meter intensity imagery in GeoTIFF format; post-deliverable report including methodology, accuracy, and results.

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