NERC Compliance

Between 2011 and 2013, Aero-Graphics was contracted to acquire and model nearly 3,000 miles of power transmission lines throughout the intermountain west to support compliance with NERC requirements.

LiDAR is the de facto technology to perform this work, and our Optech Orion LiDAR sensor was put to task. This sensor is mounted in a customized helicopter pod and paired with vertical and cinema-grade oblique video cameras. We then processed and classified the LiDAR data, orthorectified the imagery, processed the oblique imagery, and integrated everything into PLS-CADD models well within the timeline required. The LiDAR data had an RMSE of 5cm.

With this data, the client was able to perform analysis on line catenaries, tower-line attachment points, and vegetation encroachment in the corridor. The 2010 NERC Alert was designed to ensure all transmission and distribution lines over 100kV are modeled and analyzed.


Scope of Work Included:

  • GPS base and meteorological data ground support.
  • LiDAR point cloud acquisition using an Optech Orion M200 sensor.
  • Simultaneous RGB vertical and oblique imagery acquisition using medium format vertical and HD oblique video cameras.
  • Classified and bare-earth laser returns in LAS format. Accuracy 5cm RMSE.
  • 6cm RGB orthorectified imagery in TIFF/ECW formats.
  • Classified LIDAR data, integrated with orthoimagery and oblique imagery, delivered in PLS-CADD format.

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