Aero-Graphics has decades of aerial acquisition expertise. We own a full-time aerial acquisition service allowing for complete control of our flight schedule. Our full-time mechanics ensure that all aircraft are closely monitored and serviced to ensure compliance with FAA Part 91 regulations. With four fixed-wing platforms and strategic local access to four Bell helicopters, we stand ready to quickly mobilize to our clients’ project sites.

Aero-Graphics’ sensor array is impressive. With its 300kHz repetition rate, our Orion LiDAR sensor lends itself to many varied applications, from high altitudes for wide-area collection to helicopter-based projects for power line rating analysis. Vertical accuracies regularly exceed 5cm RMSE, even under dense vegetation canopy. This Orion is also interfaced with a gyro-stabilized 80 megapixel digital camera that allows for simultaneous collection of digital imagery and LiDAR data.

Aero-Graphics deployed its first UltraCam digital camera system in 2008 and has since upgraded to the UltraCam Eagle. With its sharp image quality, simultaneous 4-band collection, high spatial resolution, and one of the largest footprints available on any digital camera system, the Eagle has successfully imaged projects large and small for our clients.