LidarRecently, federal regulations have required power transmission line owners to comply with NERC mandates, which involves modeling line catenaries, sag under load, tower-line attachment points, and vegetation encroachment in the corridor and its associated risk.  This enables them to quickly identify and respond to unacceptable risk throughout their asset portfolio.

Aero-Graphics has extensive experience with the acquisition and processing of this type of data, having recently completed over 3,000 miles of transmission line.  LiDAR is the de facto technology for performing this work, and our Orion H300 meets the demand every time.  The sensor is mounted in a customized helicopter pod and paired with digital vertical and cinema-grade oblique video cameras for simultaneous acquisition.  The LiDAR data is then calibrated and classified, the imagery orthorectified, and everything is integrated into PLS-CADD models for further analysis and modeling.