Bill Allowing Law Enforcement to Take Down Drones Passes Committee (featured article)

A bill that would allow law enforcement to bring down drones if they’re interfering in an emergency situation went before the House Public Utilities and Technology Committee on Monday.

Rep. David Lifferth, R-Eagle Mountain, said “HB420 requires officials to “neutralize” the drone in the safest way possible, including jamming signals, using water or throwing a net over it.”

“Current law says that nothing can interfere with official law enforcement business,” Lifferth said.

The bill would not set a radius, like other drone-related bills at the Utah Legislature this session, but would simply prohibit interference.

John McDonald, a Salt Lake County resident who works with drones professionally, expressed opposition to the bill, saying airspace regulations already regulate the situations the bill would cover.

The committee supported HB420, sending it to the full House for consideration.



Source Credit: Deseret News

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