September 2022

Farmington High School Football Flyover

Michael Arveseth did not know, when he joined Aero-Graphics, that one of his perks as CFO was to be able to mobilize an aerial image capture. And Thursday, Sept. 1st, he found out how cool it would be to have Aero-Graphics ace pilot -photographer Jim Hoddenbach carried out a flyover of the big Football game at Farmington High School. What a night. The Farmington Phoenix football team was protecting their perfect record, playing Weber, and won 35-7, but the night’s highlight was the Aero Graphics Fly Over. The crowd and the players looked up, smiled, and said “football” when Jim’s plane swept low over the stadium, taking some spectacular images. The same type of images and data Aero Graphics acquires and processes into the mapping data for clients, including the Army Corps of Engineers, Utah Dept. Of Transportation and many of the leading US engineering firms.

Michael, whose son is on the Farmington Phoenix varsity team, was in awe when he heard his dad made the flyover happen. He said: “My coaches and teammates will remember the great win, and the pictures we all got are crazy good. Something to remember forever.” Michael was the hero dad of the night to all the team and their families. Michael said, “It’s not often you work for a company that cares so much about family and football” Michael also wanted to thank Casey and Kelly and all the other team members of Aero Graphics for making this happen. And Jim, whose photography is stunning.

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