Use Historic Images To Better Understand Today!

Environmental and Natural Resources Agencies – Looking to document climate change, deforestation, glacier recession analysis, shoreline erosion, impacts of storm events, wildfire impacts, and recovery time, comparing historical views with current imagery can help make the analysis and conclusions more accurate. 

Water Research – Historic Images can enable you to assess changes in riparian areas, river/stream flow, soil erosion, wetland delineation, reservoir level changes, wildlife monitoring, agricultural impacts, etc.

Roadways, Property Lines, Tax Records – Whether you want to verify property tax records, check the date a structure was built, or when a property line or a roadway was changed. Historical Imagery provides solutions.

Original Image Present
Modified Image Past

Sandpoint, Idaho – infrared ortho image (left) is from 1981. Present-day natural color imagery (right) of the new golf course (The Idaho Club), along with other developments and new roads in the area.

aerial mapping

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