An Intimate Look at one of the Most Secure Places on Earth

Embarking on the selection process for the MAPPS Excellence Awards is always an enjoyable endeavor as we review some of our more unique projects from the year. For our 2023 submission, we sought a project that not only pushed the boundaries of our team’s capabilities but also navigated through the complexities, application, value, and customer satisfaction with precision—enter San Clemente Island.

The San Clemente Island Project (SCI Project) was an ambitious undertaking aimed at acquiring color ortho-imagery and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data to update mapping base layers, enhance visualization, and improve operations at the Marine Corps Installation based at SCI.

Situated on an island with strategic military significance, the SCI base posed many unique and significant challenges that affected nearly every aspect of data collection and processing.


MAPPS 2023 Member Choice Winner Aero-Graphics

The triumph of this project is a direct result of the concerted effort of our exceptional team. Their perseverance enabled us to confront a myriad of unforeseeable difficulties and accomplish its objectives.

We would like to express our gratitude to the MAPPS association and the members who voted this project the Members Choice Winner. To our partners and friends – we extend our appreciation for elevating your capabilities so that we may strive further. We are better because of you!

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